Jennie Heckford - Acupuncture 

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We created Jennie's logo to represent the spiral (and spinning motion) that is a fundamental movement of qi energy. We created the brand to feel peaceful, professional and natural, using a combination of contemporary typefaces and open outdoor photos.

Jennie's website needed updating too, but more importantly she wanted control the site so she can make changes herself quickly whenever necessary

Lot's of self employed people and small business have websites, but don't feel that they truly own their own site, simply because they don't know how to use it.

Jennie wanted to control the site, so she can make changes herself and feel that she has the ability to look after it independently. We put the control back in her hands, setting her up with a unique email account, and building a website in her name, so she owns every element of it. We also gave Jennie a crash course (over a coffee of course) in how to use the site, how to make simple changes and how to add blog posts herself.

Jennie now has the best of both worlds, as she can make changes herself without incurring any cost, but she also knows that we are at hand to help her if she ever gets stuck.

To see the site, or find out more about Jennie's Acupuncture business, please visit

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